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Marriage And Living With Others Happily?

Are you developed enough for marriage and living with others happily? Living with anybody is a strain. Before they marry, most people have had years of experience living in the families in which they grew up, but this is not quite the same.

Marriage and living with others means that suddenly you are called upon to adjust in a most intimate way, to a person who is usually in some respects a rather complete stranger.

At best the adjustments required are a considerable strain; too much of a strain to be handled successfully by any except mature persons.

In no other human relationship is so much demanded. Furthermore, it is a relationship from which escape is difficult. One especially difficult problem is that of the wife being and remaining a good companion to her husband.

Twenty years ago, George married a girl who was greatly inferior to him. During their first years together she had done the cooking and the housework, and there had been the children. But the children had grown and left home, and the man had prospered.

Now servants took charge of the entire household. It is a terrible experience to be no longer needed. The wife did what most people will do under similar circumstances; she tried to make a place for herself.

She became "pushy," and began to annoy her husband with all sorts of petty details. She insisted upon buying his clothes, and watched his diet with an eagle eye. She even tried to push into the operation of his office and the transactions of his business deals.

As her husband bitterly remarked, "Twenty years ago she was so pretty. Her helplessness seemed so cute, and such a challenge to me. Now she is just fat and a nuisance."

Yet it is hardly fair to blame the wife. The mistake was made during the dating days when he chose his life partner, a woman who was not intellectually capable of continuing to make an important contribution to the relationship.

Can you hold up your end emotionally?

Will you be a good influence on your children?

How can you tell about your emotional stability?

Will you be a good influence on your children?

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