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Kill Suspicions

Can you trust? Similar to jealousy, it is an excessive form of suspicions.

We have already warned against trusting people to the point of marriage before you have proved them. There is the opposite danger of trusting no one at all on any matter. For those investigating a crime, the attitude that everyone is a suspect may be proper.

It is no sound basis for your christian dating. Undue suspicion of others usually indicates one of two conditions which make the relationship questionable. It may mean that the individual lacks confidence in his/her own judgment. Therefore the one safe procedure is to trust no one.

Or it may indicate that the person himself is not to be trusted. We often judge others by what we know ourselves to be. The man who is unduly suspicious may be telling us that he is not to be trusted. Lack of trust in others either is a character defect, or it indicates a personality condition which can easily become a character defect.

This is all the more important because a couple who begin by mistrusting others may end up by not trusting each other. Increasingly the relationship will be marred until finally the strain will become too great and the relationship will break.

The ability to trust others, under proper circumstances and after adequate testing, is a character essential of paramount importance for serious relationship, or any other kind of successful living.

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