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Submissive Dominant?

How can you tell how submissive dominant you are? It is not easy. Dominating people rarely know how they appear to others. How can a person know whether what he does is domination, or merely leadership and executive ability?

As christian dating couple you can begin by appraising each other. If you do it frankly and honestly, it may prove distressing and embarrassing. There is also the danger that what appears as frankness is really a way of "taking it out" on the other.

You will just have to run these risks. But do not stop with each other. Older friends who are well-balanced and who have good judgment, such as minister or teacher, can often give you appraisals which are both honest and kindly.

Friends of your own age may also be of some help, but you must be careful here. People often are critical of others because they are jealous. If the verdict is almost unanimous, however, it should be taken seriously.

Finally, psychologists have developed tests which are designed to show a person where one is on the dominance-submission scale. You will both do well to take one or more of such tests, and then go over the results carefully. It is worth finding out all you can, not only about the other, but about yourself in this very important area.

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