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Has Your Date Passed The Social Acceptance Test?

Practically all social acceptance studies of success in marriage agree. The more similar their social background, the greater chance a couple will have for success, and the easier and happier will be their adjustments.

The problem can be likened, in some respects, to that of language. You might associate for a time with someone speaking another language just because you found it interesting, or because you wished to learn their language. But in permanent association the problems of adjustment will be much easier with your own group.

For example, if a large number of men speaking different languages were to get jobs in which they must work together, it will be easier on all concerned if each elects to join those of his own language.

The Spaniard who chooses to work with a Spanish-speaking group does not thereby imply that he thinks his language is better than French, or Russian, or Chinese.

He merely means that he will have a less difficult time, and be under less of a strain if he and those with whom he works speak the same language. So it is with your christian dating. For this is a job which often puts those who work together at it under considerable pressure.

The more they can speak the same language in their backgrounds and standards, the more satisfactory will be the relationship and the better job they will do. Your own group may not be better than other groups, but it is usually better for you.

Social acceptance is one of the essential character traits for successful dating and marriage eventually. The manners which society requires may be, in themselves, unimportant. The man who eats his potatoes with a spoon instead of a fork is not harming anyone. Yet there is some justification for even "senseless" social standards.

They test the willingness of the individual to respect the values and sensitivities of others, and of his willingness to "play ball" with the social group. As such, good manners are a part of good morals.

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