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Married And In Love With Another Man Or Women?

There are many people who are married and in love with another man or women in the world today, but not with their own spouse sadly. What if you find yourself in love with someone else?

Bill, who had been married six years and had two children, found himself in just this situation. His secretary was an unusually attractive girl. They had "clicked" remarkably well from the start.

As time went on, they found that they had similar interests, standards, tastes, and ideals. Suddenly they realized that without any intent from either party, they were in love with each other!

The truth is, this situation is not unusual. Bill had also loved several other people. His list included his wife, his mother, a sister and a pastor to whom he was greatly attached to. Love certainly does not necessarily require a sexual expression.

Bill's love for his secretary was not essentially different from his love for any of the others, except that it had the additional element of sexual attraction. This could complicate it seriously, but did not need to.

It was Bill's wife who had borne his children, and with whom he was building his family, not his secretary. This fact gave to Bill and his wife a unique relationship, quite different from that with any of the others whom Bill loved.

With other things which attract us, such as cars, houses, and other materials when they do not belong to us, we take moral restraint for granted.

The situation between Bill and his secretary was much like that of a teller in a bank. They would expect to be tempted, but for many reasons, they should exercise moral restraint here, as they would elsewhere.

Every young christian courting couple should recognize before marriage, that they probably have, and will love many persons. Some of these may also be sexually attractive.

The real decision will be made, not by the presence of love and sex attraction, but by the moral standards which they are determined to maintain. If these have been carefully worked out and clearly understood, the situation of being married and in love with another man or women will happen.

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