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Introvert And Extrovert

Are You Introvert or Extrovert?

Most people understand something of the introvert and extrovert differences. As the names suggest, the interests of the introvert tend to turn within themselves.

Those of the extrovert tend to turn to interests outside themselve. Most people are not either one or the other. They are in between. Yet, even so, they tend to be more on one side than the other.

Generally speaking, the introverts are usually the quiet, more reserved type who can have a good time being by themselve. As a child they could spend all afternoon playing alone with paper dolls or blocks.

As adults they do not mind being left alone for long stretches of time. They may play solitaire a good deal. They do not mind going to the movies by themselve. They can stay home night after night and enjoy reading or the radio. Do not misunderstand them. The introvert does not dislike people more than does the extrovert.

On the contrary, they may greatly enjoy them. They just does not need them in order to be happy. And they are less likely to be satisfied with "just anybody." They often wants to pick their company carefully.

The extroverts are likely to be the bubbling, outgoing type. They are the ones who organize picnics and get everybody to play games. Usually they are friendly and well-liked. They may not like people any better than does the introvert. They do have more need for them.

As a child they wanted always to have plenty of company. If they found themselve alone, they always had to go somewhere else, or have friends come over. Now if they go to the movies, they want to make it a party.

They usually has more friends, although often not as close friends as the introverts. Psychologists have devised introvert extrovert test to indicate where people are on the introvert and extrovert scale. If you are interested, you might be able to arrange to take one of these tests. It may be fun to find out where you both stand.

How will introvert and extrovert differences affect your christian dating?
If you are both introvert and extrovert, the adjustment will probably be made easier. Yet it will make a real difference in the kind of home life for which you should plan.

For example, if you are both extroverts, you will probably want to entertain a good deal. You will therefore want a place with a large living room and refrigerator. In buying furniture, for example, you will probably want to avoid the more delicate and "nicer" types, and get good, stocky stuff which can "take it."

If you are both introverts you may want a different kind of establishment, even though you postpone the purchase of really nice furniture until after the children are fairly well grown. If he is strongly introvertive and she is the opposite, the adjustment may be more difficult. He may resent not being able to go to a movie, or a quiet picnic without a troop of outsiders along.

He may not like having his house filled, night after night, with people for whom he does not particularly care. She may become restive at his lack of plans and his wish to stay home nights and read.

On the other hand, the family may be more balanced if one is an introvert and the other extrovert. The important consideration in this connection is not whether you are extrovert or introvert, but whether you are normal. If you are naturally either introvert or extrovert, well and good.

But some people are artificially "jolly" because they lack self-assurance. A man may surround himself constantly with other people because deep inside himself he is afraid. Likewise the introvert may be badly adjusted, with deep-seated fears. Both introvert and extrovert can make good marriage partners, provided that they are also well-adjusted, wholesome persons.

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