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Online Interracial Dating Information

The interracial dating information here involves strong emotional tones and many misconceptions. Therefore I must begin by a clear statement of relevant facts:

1. Racial differences in abilities and character are results of environment and conditioning. They are not inborn.

If we wanted to, we could take all our people over five feet ten inches in height and make a separate group out of them. We could call them by some special name, such as "Gigants".

We might even convince ourselves and them that they were a different "race." Then, by treating them differently, we could actually make them different from the rest of us.

If we denied them equal educational advantages and kicked them around enough, we could prove by scientific tests that the Gigant was intellectually inferior, more criminally inclined, and more sexually lax.

"Would you want your daughter to marry a Gigant?" Actually it would be as absurd to talk about "the" Gigant (as though all of them were essentially the same) as it is to talk about "the" Negro, "the" Jew, or "the" white man.

2. Social attitudes, however misleading or false in themselves, are realities of vital importance in the selection of a dating partner.

Let us see how this works out in this matter of inter racial dating. It sometimes happens that persons of different races fall in love with each other.

There is nothing unnatural about this. "It can happen here" to anyone. Marriage across interracial lines, even when not forbidden by law or ironclad custom, is thus made exceedingly difficult by the culture in which we live.

Why? Not because one or the other person is racially inferior, for this is not true. But because love between two persons is never the only basis for successful marriage. The social situation has to be taken into account.

The two will have to go to great pains to foresee the problems in which marriage would involve them, and it is especially important to consider the children that may come to them.

In the face of these interracial dating information, is interracial dating still for you? The most serious issue which the young dating couple face is acceptance by their families and friends.

If you carefully considered these interracial dating information, they can be of utmost value in helping you decide whether or not you should take the risk. For in cultural as in other matters, it is safer and usually less difficult to marry someone from your own group.

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