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How to Cope With The Death Of A Spouse?

Nobody like to talk about the death of a spouse or even prepare for it. The most difficult problem will be emotional. The loss of a loved one is always a shock and a strain. The problems here involved are so well recognized that I need only mention them.

Other emotional problems are centered around the readjustment of your future. Such an adjustment is usually less difficult for a man. He can go on with his vocational plans, much as he had expected to do.

If he is still under fifty or so he can usually find a suitable woman whom he can marry, and thus pick up the broken strands of his plans for a home and family.

The woman usually faces a more difficult situation. Some will have other opportunities to marry, and thus be able to continue their hopes and dreams. The death of a lover or husband will end for them any chances for marriage. The loss of these possibilities will usually mean a rather complete readjustment of their vocational programs.

If the girl has already been well trained to earn her living, as every girl should be, her vocational problems will be less serious. If she is not so trained, her vocational problems may be serious, especially if she is widowed with children to support.

The financial difficulties which might result from a death are faced in part when you take out life insurance. Such life insurance will in most cases, however, be only enough to tide the family over the crisis for a few years.

Few families can afford, or should attempt to have enough to enable the family to continue to live indefinitely on its income from insurance.

Therefore the wife-to-be should give most careful consideration before marriage to the problem of what she would or could do in case of the death of her husband.

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