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Dealing With Frustration?

Are you dealing with frustration from your mate? Will you put up with inconvenience?

Like the fireplace, they may smoke up the house and get ashes all over the place. Like the furnace, they may go out at night and leave you cold and comfortless. Like a radio they can get very noisy at times, and may prove difficult to shut off. Like a car, they can develop trouble without warning and upset your plans for going places.

Like the government they can be shockingly expensive and not always too efficient. But who would prefer to live without plumbing, heating, government, and the other developments of modern life, in order to avoid the trouble and expense which they necessarily cause?

Such costs, like the frustrations of marriage, are part of the price of civilized living. Merely to room with someone, to share space and a few things is not difficult nor costly.

Neither is it especially rewarding. Really to live with another, to share your hopes, plans, dreams, and your inner lives, this is a different matter.

Marriage requires adjustment on a far deeper level than was necessary while single. The cost of such adjustment will sometimes be painful frustration. Those who understand will welcome such pains as part of the process of giving birth to a richer and deeper quality of life is dealing with frustration correctly.

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